This Starving Stray Puppy Was Feeding Off A Carcass In The Middle Of The Road

This is how puppies like him survive here, feeding off corpses, paper packages, garbage. Rural greece is full of little babies like this one, thrown out in the big world they know nothing about, alone, figuring out ways to quench their thirst and to satisfy their hunger.

This baby was lucky enough to be found by rescuers, minutes before he was ran over. The hunger had led him there, in the middle of a busy road, where the carcass of an animal was lying. Can you imagine that?


The rescuers first noticed a tiny black spot on the road, and when they approached they saw this. How sad is that? How sad is it that babies like this one, come to this world only to know abandonment, sadness and rejection, at the age of two months for crying out loud!


As sad as this is, this one of the luckiest puppies out there. The majority of them barely make it to six months. They are never rescued, they never come across the right people, and they simply die of hunger, disease, thirst. Basically, they die of inhumanity.


As for the how and the why puppies like him end up like this. Oh well, I have mentioned it before, but I will again. From the uncontrollable births of the never spayed sheepdogs/ hunting dogs/ back yard chained dogs of the ill-educated rural Greece, some puppies are meant to have the fate of their mothers (live chained and die neglected) and some are disposed off.

With his rescuer, Ermioni. This is how small he really is…

If you think about it, the ones that are abandoned are the luckiest ones. At least they have a chance of coming across the right people – and I guess it’s better to live for six months on the streets and die, than to have 15 years on a chain (I can’t believe I just wrote that…)


The puppy is under the care of the local charity, which means that he is in the best hands. For adoptions, you can contact the rescuer here. Donations are more than welcomed: Piraeus Bank
Beneficiary Name: ” Rescue – Diasozo ”
No. Acc. 6244 1391 89 068
IBAN: GR 11 0171 2440 0062 4413 9189 068
PAYPAL: [email protected]

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