Stray Dog That Followed Marathon Runners Is Being Returned From Adoptive Home

The Penny Marathon, as a charity, helps the local rescuers with much needed sterilizations, and every summer, the marathon runs there, raising awareness for the strays, the abandoned and the forgotten.

In June 2018 the runners were not alone. They were accompanied for about 15 kilometers by Penny, who would run next to them. She risked being run over more than once, she was exhausted and yet she would not give up.

Penny became the symbol of what we are fighting for and of what the marathon is about. It was impossible to leave a dog like her on the streets. Many people from different backgrounds and charities came together for Penny’s rescue.


She was brought to Athens, where she spent a few months in foster care. She was spayed and vaccinated. Amazingly enough she turned out to be healthy, and apart from her hematocrit that was very low, probably due to undernourishment, Penny was in good health.


Her adoption a couple of months ago made everyone cry tears of happiness. Penny fought for a forever home, and we all thought she had found it. Unfortunately, she is being returned, and is now looking for a new home.

Penny is her first foster home

She is a sweet, affectionate dog, that gets very attached to the people what care for her. The reason of her being returned is that she could not tolerate the cats in the house. I know what you are thinking, there is no problem that can’t be fixed, but we cannot force anyone to work on a dog’s behavioral problems, unless they are willing to do it.


Penny needs to be the only pet in the house. Other than that, she is a loving, house trained, obedient dog, that needs and deserves a family. For adoptions you can email SPAZ at: [email protected]


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