Stray Dog’s Happy End Inspires School Project For 5th Grade Students

Stray dogs can get from very unlucky to unbelievably lucky. It all depends on luck actually and on the kind of people they will bump into.

Bee was one of the dogs whose story leaves you tired and upset. She was the dog that would go from unlucky to lucky and then back to unlucky and then back to lucky for years, until she got fed up, and so did we.

Bee in Athens, after the third time she was returned

She was born on the streets of Greece (unlucky). Then she was found and adopted by a family in Athens (lucky). When the family decided to move to the USA, they started letting her roam free on the streets, obviously hoping to make her someone else’s problem (unlucky).

Bee meeting her mum, one week before they left for Paris together.

She then bumped into a SCARS volunteer, who took her in and the charity was responsible for finding her a home (lucky). She got adopted in Greece by a family that “lost” her the third day. Bee was found safe one day later, but the family was considered unfit, so Bee was never returned to them (unlucky).

And the fairy tale begins…

She was adopted a third time by a Greek couple (lucky). After a few months, the husband broke his leg (or something like that, who cares) and Bee became a burden, so she was returned to SCARS (unlucky).

After that, she spent months at a dog pension – not the best time of her life, since she was a human centered dog and never enjoyed the company of other dogs really. And then this email arrived from Paris. PARIS! This woman had bumped into Blue’s story, so she started looking into the charity’s other rescue dogs, and fell in love with Bee.

Shopping in Milan

She traveled all the way from Paris to Athens, spent five days in a small apartment she had rented here, so that Bee could get to know her better, and then flew to Paris with her, and they have been sharing adventures ever since.

Vacationing in the UK

Bee’s photos, posing in front of the Eiffel tower and the Pyramid and other monuments in Paris make you believe in fairy tales. And one school teacher decided to make her story a school project for her 5th graders.

Every kid wrote something about the dog’s story, and then they had to draw something about it. How awesome is that? My personal favorite is the most symbolic of the drawings. There are four houses, all of them with a big red X on top, and then a fifth one with a huge green tick. So simple, so true. In a country where animal cruelty, abandonment and neglect thrive, inspiring children this way is the best thing one can do.

I am leaving with what SCARS wrote about the school project:

“Are there children that don’t like fairy tales? They grow with them, and they believe in them, as if life is not beautiful enough. But life is beautiful. There are so many modern Cinderellas out there, just like our Bee, who started off poor and barefoot, and finally got to live her dream in Paris. Congratulations to the kids and most of all, congratulations to their teacher, who managed to inspire them with one of our real life fairy tales.”



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