Five Month Old Stray Puppy Is Shot And Killed In Greek Town

Five months. That’s how long it survived in this world. It was born in the wrong place at the wrong time, lived among the wrong people, experienced rejection, fear and starvation and ended up being shot and killed.

There isn’t much more to this story really, that’s about it. It was one of the thousands of stray puppies in Greece, that are born for non reason, due to the unbelievably ill-educated mentality of most Greeks.


Spaying? Haha! Spaying is a joke. Charities go around spaying stray dogs everywhere in the country, but most puppies like this one are born by pet dogs (pet is a euphemism, chained, backyard lawn ornaments is the right description). Their owners – passive abusers, who feed them leftovers and moldy bread, never walk them and never properly care for them, wouldn’t even spend a dime on spaying them. They just let them breed uncontrollably and get rid of the puppies one way or the other.


Who knows where this puppy comes from really? Nobody knows exactly, and nobody cares. It found itself on the streets of Larissa, it was shot with an air gun, and it left its final breath on the vets table. A life wasted, and a psycho on the loose – or maybe just a schoolkid (so a future psycho)

This is the other side of the sunny, hospitable, “must visit” Greece. Are we a nation of psychopaths? Not really. We are pretty average I think. We are just very ill-educated, or maybe a few decades behind.

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