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Mangy Setter Gets Her First Therapeutic Bath At The Shelter

I know that there isn’t really much to this video, it’s just another mangy, sick dog taking her therapeutic bath.


But there is something about Alice and the way she responds to the volunteers handling, bathing and caring for her, that makes the whole thing kind of poetic (at least for me). This particular day the shelter’s younger volunteer was there, and she helped us bathe and care for Alice and another dog in similar condition. She is only ten years old, and instead of spending her Sunday somewhere else, she spent it at the shelter, and she had such a great time that she didn’t want to leave.


Alice was found on the streets of Greece, emaciated, mangy and very sick. She was going to be put to sleep, so her rescuer asked Save a Greek Stray to take her in, and they did. She is too weak to endure the treatment for mange, so until she feels better, we are giving her baths that help her feel better.

You can follow Alice’s progress on the Save a Greek Stray Facebook page. Once she recovers, she will be looking for a forever home. You can donate to the shelter via PayPal: [email protected]