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Keep Your Dog Indoors – This Is Why

I’m just too tired – we all are – of having to explain over and over again, to people who come up with all sorts of ridiculous reasons, why they should keep their dogs indoors, that I simply can’t waste any more time and energy having the same conversation. And keep in mind that in Greece, a lot of people in the cities live in apartments and keep their dogs in the balcony 24/7. Continue reading Keep Your Dog Indoors – This Is Why

Dog Adoption And Common Misundersandings

Dog adoption. It sounds nice, but for most of us it’s a headache. Choosing the right family is one big challenge and we face it every day. Many people didn’t really like this video. I’m guessing they were offended, so I think I should make some things clear. First of all, we almost never talk to people this way – at least I don’t. Do we have these thoughts? Yes we do. But if things are going to change some day, we are the ones who need to help the public see things in a different perspective, so we try our best to be polite. Continue reading Dog Adoption And Common Misundersandings