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A Puppy For Christmas – Yes Or No?

Christmas. And, on the one hand, there are daily posts from animal welfare pages, with photos of shelter dogs dressed up and captions hoping for them to spend Christmas at home this year, and on the other hand, volunteers get dozens of calls per day by people asking for a puppy for their kids. Continue reading A Puppy For Christmas – Yes Or No?

Dog Adoption And Common Misundersandings

Dog adoption. It sounds nice, but for most of us it’s a headache. Choosing the right family is one big challenge and we face it every day. Many people didn’t really like this video. I’m guessing they were offended, so I think I should make some things clear. First of all, we almost never talk to people this way – at least I don’t. Do we have these thoughts? Yes we do. But if things are going to change some day, we are the ones who need to help the public see things in a different perspective, so we try our best to be polite. Continue reading Dog Adoption And Common Misundersandings