I Take Post Apocalyptic Photos Of My Dog On Empty Streets Amid COVID-19 Lockdown

So when I walk my dogs – I have three – it’s always just me and my dogs, regardless of the situation.  It’s our most valuable moment of the day, it’s us, only us (ideally anyway).

However, living in the city, you just can’t help but get distracted. The cars, the people, the noises, the other dog walkers, the shops, the smells. No matter how hard I try to make it all about me and my dogs, I usually fail.

But those past few days, with the coronavirus threat over our heads and the lockdown imposed by the Greek government, we walk the streets, and it’s just us! For the first time since forever, I walk my dogs and it is actually just me and my dogs! Wow!

The empty streets are spooky however, especially at nights. I don’t think I’d walk alone if I didn’t have the dogs. Being alone in nature, in a mountain or a beach is different. Being alone in the city is just plain creepy.

Crossing avenues we would usually avoid and walking in the middle of empty roads that are usually packed, kinda makes you miss everything that you had been avoiding before. Like…where are the cars?

I took a photo of my dog Pela one night, in the middle of the road, and all of a sudden I was addicted to photographing her everywhere. She makes the empty streets looks even emptier.

Where is everyone? Will they be back? Is this it? Do I like it like this? Will I be liking it like this for the forseeable?



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