The Cat That Loved

Powder was special, and so was Iron, his friend. Both those cats meant so much to all the volunteers, and their impact is still affecting us today and always will.


Everything they stood for, everything they accomplished, experienced and taught us was against all odds. Powder was like a big brother to Iron, as he was bigger in size and more confident, iron used to cuddle up next to him like a kitten next to its mum.

However, of the two, Powder seemed to be sicker, and many times we thought that we’d lose him, and that Iron would be left alone. Iron’s death was a catalyst for change. Change for Powder, for the volunteers and for the charity.

When you are a volunteer, letting an animal go before you are sure your job is done is not easy. But his health was not getting better, and keeping him around the cattery with us, instead of letting him fly to his forever home seemed wrong. It always seems wrong when animals don’t die where they belong, in their forever homes, among members of their family.

Powder lasted more than anyone expected, and if it hadn’t been for the love of his forever family, we would have lost him long before. The announcement of his death brought back memories. Memories of something very special all of us volunteers were lucky enough to witness and to be part of. Whether Iron and Powder are not reunited, I don’t know, but I like to think that they are, cuddled up together again, like yin and yang.

Powder in his forever home in Germany


Iron and Powder were rescued from the streets of Greece by SCARS. You can follow the charity’s facebook page here, for more stories. Donations are always welcome. Huge thanks to Frieden für Pfoten for everything.



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