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Three-legged Treasure – Scarlet’s Nightmare And Awakening

Scarlet arrived at the shelter with her front right leg smashed. Nobody knows what had happened exactly – was it a car accident, a trap or was it done deliberately? She must have been in terrible pain, but by the time she came to us, she was already beyond pain.

She just needed to hide from the world. She used her smashed leg to hide her face and the tears that had started to dry in her beautiful eyes. She just waited. Waited patiently for what was coming. She didn’t seem to care what that was, she didn’t seem to care about anything at all.

She was amputated and remained confined for a few days after the operation. She looked like she felt naked, unprotected and vulnerable. That blue cloth we dressed her with gave her a bit of confidence.


Scarlet did not wait long. She was one of the lucky ones. Among the many people who followed her story, one did something more than just express gratitude and move on to the next post. Gina saw in Scarlet much more than a tiny, pitiful three legged dog. She saw a companion. She adopted Scarlet and we cried our eyes out. 🙂

Her full story is in the video above, so I won’t be wasting your time (I could go on and on about her). Make sure to follow the Save a Greek Stray facebook page! – You can make a small donation here.

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