Tiniest Rescue Puppies Grow Up To Become The Cutest Little Hounds

Tiniest off all the shelter’s rescue puppies, ridiculously cute and adorable, all five of them boys – tiny, little, proud boys. They were found abandoned on a mountain near Athens, Greece, when they were barely one month old, along with their mum.

Yes, they were that small/ Photo by Save a Greek Stray

The family was rescued by Save a Greek Stray and was taken to the shelter. The mum did not look fun to look at. She was emaciated, weak, with her breasts swollen and nothing but sadness and desperation in her eyes.

You see, she is a hound; and despite being a tiny, beagle-like cute hound, she got to live the life of every hunting dog in Greece: a life of misery, mistreatment and loneliness. And once she gave birth, she was more like a burden obviously, so she was left to survive and provide for her family on her own.


Anyway, besides the sadness behind this rescue, the puppies came to the shelter and drove everyone crazy. They were the smallest, cutest and funniest babies we had ever seen. They were four tiny bellies with legs, who at four weeks of age were already trying to figure out how to play, interact and socialize.

Like mother like son 🙂 /Photo by Save a Greek Stray

Watching them try to play with toys huge for their size or with each other was hilarious and adorable. The first time I saw them, I stayed there for hours. My feet went numb, because I did not want to disturb their sleep, and I kept making inexplicable noises, trying to express my awe.




Teacups playing / Photo by Save a Greek Stray

Anyway, the babies are four months old now and they are ready for their forever homes. They have grown, but they haven’t really grown a lot. They are mix breed hounds, healthy, vaccinated and unbelievably cute.

The Teacup family today / Photos by Save a Greek Stray

You can visit their entire album here. If you wish to adopt one of them, you can contact the charity at: [email protected] or message their Facebook page. Donations are welcome (PayPal: [email protected])



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