Transformation Of Two Baby Kittens Found Abandoned On The Street

It was a miracle watching my babies grow. I had found them on July 8 2018 as I was walking one of my dogs.


I heard their desperate cry for help and there they were, next to a garbage bin, among trash and cigarette buds, in the dirt, not knowing what to do and where to go.


Hungry, scared and alone in this huge, ugly world. A neighbor said that they had been crying all night. All night.. Who knows how they ended up there. There are millions of stray cats in Greece and kittens like them are everywhere.


Maybe their mum died, maybe they mum gave birth in a garden and the residents god rid of them, maybe, maybe, maybe. A thousands maybes and no answer. I was terrified at first. I thought they would not make it. Kittens like them don’t always survive.


But Sunny and Pamuk are fighters, they fought since day one to stay alive, and they did. Today they are about four months old and they are like yin and yang.

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They are different but they complete each other in a way that they make the perfect whole, the perfect cat. I have decided not to separate them, so they will be rehomed together. For adoptions you can email me at: [email protected]

Huge thanks to SCARSFrieden für Pfoten, Anke, Daniela & Mosi. Take a look at some of the charity’s other rescue cats and kittens here.

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