Trash Or Treasure? – Natural Born Strays

Trash – urban trash – is what strays are considered by most people. No matter how much we try to convince some of them out there, they simply can’t make the connection between their purebred teacup pet dog and the stray shepherd mix begging for food around the corner.


I was up on the mountain today, walking my pack of three. There was this male, black, big mix breed dog wandering around, near the place where we normally park before we head off. He didn’t seem lost, but no owner was present at the time, so it looked odd. He was wearing a collar.

I asked a guy who walks his dog there too about him. He had never seen him before. Then he said: “He is wearing a collar; he doesn’t seem to be a natural born stray”. “There is no such thing as natural born strays; they all come from non neutered pets” I replied and left him with his fluffy, tiny “natural born pet dog”.

I’m not sure what else to do to convince people that the “trash” on the street are as much of a treasure as their precious, groomed and spoilt pets. Sometimes I just spit a rude “whatever” to their faces and leave.

This video was made about a year ago – not really a masterpiece, but this is the mood of the day for me, so I’m just sharing it.


(Kallie, the dog in the end, was like this teddy. Abandoned while sick with leishmaniasis, she went through A LOT until she finally became somebody’s treasure two years after her rescue.)

I might share her full story one day. She was very special to me, but then again, she wasn’t all that special. Her story is the story of every abandoned dog out there, waiting for a chance he doesn’t even know he deserves.



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