Two Very Sick Rescue Cats Find Comfort In Each Other’s Arms

Two of SCARS rescue cats, Iron and Powder, found in each other all the love, the warmth and the tenderness they were deprived off during most of their lives. They love each other so much, eat together, play together, and sleep in each other’s arms in front of the window, where the sun keeps them warm.

They were both strays, and were rescued by SCARS volunteers within weeks from one another.


Powder, the white one, suffers from skin cancer and is FIV positive. For him, every day is a bet he needs to win. The FIV has affected his kidneys, he has lost his appetite and is not gaining weight. He was on IV for a few days and the volunteers are doing their best to keep him healthy and happy. If he gains back his strength, his ears will be amputated.


Iron’s condition is devastating. He suffers from everything a cat can possibly suffer from: FIV, fungus, Two broken legs, a mutilated tail. Pus keeps coming out of his eye and his ears. He was found very week and starving, and he has managed to survive for about a month now, against all odds.

Iron and me, the day we moved him to the new room

Their meeting

At first, when Iron was rescued, he was put on a crate in the same room where Powder was (also in a crate). The volunteers started noticing that the two cats kept purring and meowing at each other, rubbing their bodies against their crates and trying to get closer together.

Powder in the front and Iron in the back

So at first, the two crates were placed one next to the other, and the two boys could not be happier. They would sleep next to each other, “talk” and purr constantly. After a couple of weeks went by, a room was emptied in the cattery, so that they could live together – and nothing could make them happier.


Today, the two cats share a room, a life, and a friendship rarely seen among male cats. Neither of them is neutered, because their health does not permit them to undergo any operation yet. So we are waiting, and so are they – although they do not realize that they are in a temporary place and that SCARS plans to make their lives much better once they recover.

Sharing their lunch

They spend the day cuddling, sleeping together, eating together. They love each other, despite the fact that they are quite different. Powder is a “doglike” cat – he will follow any human around, rub against their feet and cuddle until eternity. Iron is more of a typical cat – if he likes his human, he is the most tender cat in the world, if not he will hiss and warn you to stay away.

Their cuddling session

To me it looks like Iron sees Powder as a big brother. Iron is an adult but very tiny cat, so tiny that he can almost fit under Powder’s body. If you see them cuddling up, with Iron having his head hid in Power’s belly, it looks like a mother cat nursing her kitten.

In the end of Iron’s video the two of them meet in person for the first time:

If you wish to make a small donation for Iron and Powder, you can use the charity’s bank account or PayPal: Eurobank / Swift: ERBKGRAA / IBAN: GR5302601420000900200479872
PayPal:[email protected] For updates on the two friends you can follow the charity’s Facebook page.





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