“Ugly” Mangy Puppy Is Unrecognizable After Her Adoption

“Ugly” is not really a word that can describe any puppy. Regardless of their appearance, puppies are the cutest little things in the world, right? Meh… It’s complicated.

Yes puppies are cute, but the truth is that “cute” for most people,  are the fluffy, juicy puppies on TV commercials and on breeder’s ads. Most people will smile at the sight of one of those puppies, but will walk past a mangy, stray puppy like Daisy with a simple “eww”.


And that’s not all. Of the hundreds of abandoned puppies we come across every day here, usually dumped on the streets by the mother dogs owner, some of them will get more “ewws” than others. The average looking ones (usually black or brown) are bound to get more “ewws”, have less chances of being rescued and far less chances of finding a home.

Among the five mangy puppies that were rescued by Save a Greek Stray, Daisy was the “ugliest” one – not to me, or to any other volunteer. To us they all look gorgeous. But after being around for years, you know which ones will be considered cute and which ones will be considered ugly by most people.


Daisy and two more of the mangy puppies, after their recovery at the shelter

Apart from her appearance, sweet Daisy was the most fearful of the five, which made her look even less adoptable. After she fully recovered from mange, she started being socialized with other dogs in the shelter, and humans too.

Daisy in her forever home in Chicgo, the day she arrived

As Daisy was growing older, she would become cuter and cuter – although her big disadvantage was that she was not as white as her siblings were. I remember looking at them thinking that the white, fluffy ones would be adopted first, and Daisy would be the one that gets to grow up in the shelter.


It turns out that I was wrong. When Joia decided to adopt one of the rescue dogs of Save a Greek Stray, she came asking for all the black and brown ones -do you know how rare this is? In the end, she flew back home to Chicago with sweet Daisy, who is now unrecognizable.

Daisy and her mum Joia

For the first few days Daisy didn’t leave her crate much. She was scared of everything new that was around her, including her mum Joia. Today, only a month into the adoption, she is a happy, funny dog, who enjoys life, and has nothing to do with the miserable puppy the shelter rescues a few months ago.

You can visit the charity’s facebook page here. Take a look at other rescue dogs looking for a home here. If you wish to help them save more dogs like Daisy, you can donate a small amount.



2 thoughts on ““Ugly” Mangy Puppy Is Unrecognizable After Her Adoption”

  1. You are so true Valia! Black puppies are so difficult to be adopted. I never understood why … but I realized it now that we found some abandoned babies … one of them was (and still is, of course!!!) bronze and fluffy, stunning really and got adopted the moment her new mom saw her!
    The black one (very beautiful to my eyes) … … … oh well, I’m sure you know how much unwanted she is … poor baby …
    I’m so happy about Daisy … I wish all puppies and kittens were as lucky as her!

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