Unwanted Dog – 3 Years And 3 Lives Without A Home

When Eri was rescued from the streets of Greece, she suffered form mange, ehrlichia and leishmania. She received treatment and responded very well. For two years now, she has been a happy, healthy dog.

Eri, when she was first rescued

However, leishmaniasis -a Mediterranean disease -is probably the main reason why she hasn’t been adopted yet. Although all of us in Greece (and around the Mediterranean where the disease is very common) are quite used to it, since most dogs we rescue from the streets appear to be carriers, adopters and even vets in Europe are not familiar with it yet.

Eri at the shelter in Greece

Googling leishmaniasis will probably freak you out, so instead of that, in you are interested in adopting Eri (or any other dog with leishmaniasis) try talking to experienced rescuers, or people who have adopted a leish dog. Experienced people know more about it than many vets who hadn’t had the opportunity to treat a dog who is a carrier.

Taking a walk on the beach in Eastbourne, UK, with her fister mum Jo

Although most dogs appear to be carriers throughout their lives, they are as healthy as any other normal dog and can have long, happy lives, without leishmaniasis ever being a problem. In many dogs, like Eri, the level may drop or even disappear. And no, leishmaniasis IS NOT contagious to other dogs or humans – implying such a thing is dangerous and very very wrong…

Other than that, Eri is a perfect dog. She is sweet, loving, house trained, dog friendly and cat friendly. She adores other dogs, and we would prefer that she is adopted in a home with other dogs, because they will help her adjust faster. I met her again last week and I just think it is more than unfair that she hasn’t found a home. Her first video was posted in 2016, and nothing. Her second video was posted in 2017, and nothing. Really? Why? This is the third time I am trying, 2018, and I have nothing more to say apart from… “Come on! It’s time!”

Playing hide and seek!

If you wish to adopt her, you can email Greek Animal Rescue at: [email protected]

Feel free to email her foster mum Jo, if you have any questions about her, her health and her character at: [email protected]



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