Visiting A Rescue Friend – What A Forever Home Can Do

Visiting a rescue dog in his/her forever home is awesome. Rescue is just a part of their story and adoption is what makes it complete. No matter how much we rescuers try to help them reach their potential, we can never do what a forever home does.

Scarlet was rescued about 11 months ago. Still very young, skinny and frightened, she arrived to the Save a Greek Stray shelter with her leg smashed, tears running down her eyes and trembling with fear.

Her front leg was amputated, and she started recovering physically, but not mentally. She remained a fearful dog,  not fully trusting anyone and not knowing when -or if- it was ok to wag her tail.

Scarlet at the shelter, after the amputation.

Gina adopted her in March 2016, and Scarlet has been living in her forever home since then. Today I visited them, and the Scarlet I met has nothing to do with the Scarlet I remember from the shelter.

Today (still not sure if she should approach)

After an awkward “what are you doing here, I don’t think I want to remember who you are”, she started approaching me. I let her come to me, gave her some treats and after a couple of hours, Scarlet started playing around, jumping on her mum’s lap, wagging her tail and being more and more curious about what her  mum and I were doing there.

With her “sister”, Sunny.

Scarlet is happy, and funny. So is Gina, and today so was I. By the end, when Scarlet was completely relaxed, I gave her so many kisses that I can still feel her soft, velvety fur on my skin. Gina says that people look at them, when they walk down the street, and that pisses her off. “I’m just walking a three legged dog, not some kind of monster, so what’s the big deal?”

The selfie

No big deal, that’s for sure. Scarlet is a happy, funny, healthy dog, that has three legs instead of four. Her mum does not feel sorry for her, so Scarlet does not feel sorry for herself, and that’s all that matters. She might still be a bit reluctant when meeting strangers, but she is a confident, smart girl, and she has her whole life ahead.

Swimming with a friend last July (I just loved the photo)

Tip: Don’t adopt a three legged dog, just because you think you should adopt a three legged dog. Just adopt a dog that fits you, and if it is three legged, blind, deaf or old, it will still be the dog that fits you.



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