World Animal Day – Reasons To Adopt

World animal day is celebrated on October 4. The mission of World Animal Day, according to the official World Animal Day website is “To raise the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards around the globe.” The issues and concepts are too many, ranging from abandoned pets and animal cruelty, to fur trade and consumption of meat.

Thousands of healthy dogs live in shelters.

The issues are too many, and if you are involved in animal welfare in any way, you simply don’t know where to begin, what to speak for and what to do first. But this a blog dedicated to pets, and since today I am in a good mood, I only want to look at the bright side of things, so I won’t be bothering you with heartbreaking images and overwhelming numbers.


I only want to talk about adoption, so here are some reasons to adopt a friend, instead of buying one:

  1. Recycling (that sounds weird). Thousands of healthy dogs and cats are being euthanized each day while thousands of new pets are being born for you to buy. It is ridiculous. Adopt one that is already there.
Pablo, rescued by Save Greek Stray. Healthy, happy and everything you are looking for in a dog!
2. It is becoming a trend (or I want it to be…). Bragging about adopting or rescuing your best friend is taking over. In 2016 adoption is the thing to do. Don’t be the person who is being looked down on at the dog park, when you say that you paid a ridiculous amount of money for a dog.
Adoption is a reason to be proud!
3. You can find exactly what you were looking for. Shelter animals come in all shapes, colors, sizes and characters than you could ever imagine. Visit your local shelter, talk to them about how your lifestyle is like and -if they are good at what they do- they will guide you towards the right direction.
Are you lazy? Mrs T. is the dog for you. All she need is to lie down and relax. For adoption by SCARS.
4. A dog you adopt will not love you more than a dog you buy, but doing so will make you feel better. This is a fact.


5. Ryan Gosling did it!
Oh yes he did!!
6. Their transformation will leave you speechless and will have you talking about it for years.
Apollo was so fearful when I adopted him, that people kept asking me if he was a senior dog. He doesn’t look senior now, does he?
7. They have absolutely no behavioral problems. The problems lie within the people who abandoned them. Rescue dogs and cats are funny, loving, loyal pets.
My foster baby Pela is everything you are looking for in a dog. She was perfect to begin with.

8. Almost all shelter dogs and cats are already social. If you buy a dog, you will need to go through socialization training, but shelter animals live with each other 24/7. They are socialized to begin with.

Rocco and Socks enjoying each other’s company. For adoption by Save a Greek Stray.
9. They are unique! Most rescue animals are mix breeds, which means that they do not look like any other.
Pouka, for adoption by Save a Greek Stray. Try finding a face that looks like hers! Just try it!
10. They are healthier! Mix breeds are healthier, and this is a fact. They are a product of natural selection and nature knows a lot better than a snotty nosed breeder who chooses mates for his purebreds.
Blue, a stray found on the beach and rescued by SCARS. She came in as healthy a dog can be!
*11. Make a rescuer happy! No reason to make someone who profits from animals happy. No reason at all!


ps: Thanks for letting me use you photo in the cover again Elizabeth!




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  1. In some cities in the U.S. they are finally ending the sale of dogs in pet stores, to try to end horrible puppy mills. Here, too, there are millions of magnificent animals in shelters waiting for their forever home. My Amber I got the day they were to euthanize her, and she is the best dog I ever had!

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