Worms Were Eating This Small Dog Alive As He Was Wandering With An Open Wound For Days

Worms are a rescuer’s nightmare, not because the damage they can do is really that bad, but mainly because they are the outcome of days and days of neglect. Rescuing a dog whose open wounds are filled with worms feeding off the rotting flesh paints a pretty good picture of the animal’s ordeal.

Basically it means one and only thing: after its injury, the animal was wandering helpless for days, maybe weeks, being ignored and ignored – it’s just another bleeding dog, what’s the big deal, right? – until its wounds got so infected that they became the perfect environment for flesh eating worms.


And this is exactly what happened to Bandy, the small dog that collapsed yesterday in a park in Karditsa, a small town in Greece. He was lying there on the ground, in a semi-comatose state, until the local charity was called.


The wound was probably caused by dog bites. An entire piece of Bandy’s neck is actually missing, and the worms did things much worse.  He was taken to the vet clinic, dehydrated and weak.

The worms that were removed from Bandy’s wound

After the wound was cleaned and dozens of worms were removed from it, the vets realized that the damage that had been done was worse than they expected. The wound is deep and badly infected. A big part of the healthy tissue around his neck is dead, so he in risk of dying from sepsis, and he is still dehydrated and weak.


His rescuer says that the little one is a fighter. Today, he managed to lift his body for a few minutes, and he won’t give up. His has lost one eye, and he will need to be operated so that it is removed and stitched closed. He will also need treatment for dirofilaria, once he is strong enough.


The volunteers of the local charity will do everything they can to help him, but they are moderately optimistic. It will not be an easy fight. Bandy might not be here tomorrow, and every hour that goes by is critical. We all keep our fingers crossed but the truth is that he might not make it.


The charity is asking that we send Bandy all our positive energy. You can contact his rescuer through her Facebook profile. View Bandy’s entire album here. Donations are more than welcome:

Piraeus Bank
Beneficiary Name: ” Rescue – Diasozo ”
No. Acc. 6244 1391 89 068
IBAN: GR 11 0171 2440 0062 4413 9189 068
PAYPAL: [email protected]

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